Start a Bullet Journal Right Now to Organize Your Life Like a Boss

Start a Bullet Journal Right Now to Organize Your Life Like a Boss

Bullet journaling is the new craze and for a good reason, it truly does help you stay organized. If you’re anything like me, you most likely have to do lists all over the place. They’re probably in notebooks, on sticky notes, in your phone, etc. It becomes overwhelming as the to do lists that were supposed to help you, ultimately start making things more complicated for you. This is where to bullet journal comes in.

The bullet journal is suppose to eliminate this complication. It provides one place where all your thoughts, to do lists, and reminders can live.

While the bullet journal has some general guidelines and suggestions, it really is something you can entirely customize for your personal needs and optimization preferences. After all, you’ll be the one using this journal daily. Therefore, it needs to flow and unfold in a way that works best for you.

You’ll need a few things to start your bullet journal including: a notebook, a pen (I recommend going colorful if that’s your thing), and a ruler. As for how to start creating your bullet journal, you can truly start in any manner you’d like. If you need some help getting started, here is typically how others start theirs:



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The index is the first page in your bullet journal. It will set the standard for organization in your journal. Every time you add a new page to your journal, you will add a page number to the bottom of the new page. Then you will document it in the index at the beginning so you know where every page lives within your journal.

Future Log

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The next page in your journal will be the future log. This is essentially a general overview of the next six months. By including a future log, you’ll not only have a calendar to reference, but you’ll also have a place to jot down important upcoming dates in the months ahead.

Monthly Log  

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The monthly log is where you really start to dive into each month’s tasks, events, goals, etc. A monthly log is very customizable in terms of what to include based on what’s important to you. A lot of people will add a spot for events, another calendar view for easy reference, a full list of all the to do lists they want to accomplish in this month, or even trackers, which I’ll talk more about below.

Weekly Log

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After completing your monthly log, you’ll then start creating a weekly log for each week that month. Within these pages you’ll start to assign your monthly to do list tasks to specific days. You’ll also write in the upcoming events, phone calls, chores, etc. that you need to accomplish that week.

Habit Trackers

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A habit tracker is a great addition to your bullet journal too. It helps you focus in on goals or habits you’d like to set and accomplish in your upcoming month. It also keeps you accountable. You can visually see how much you’re actually sticking to that habit or goal.

Collections Pages

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A collection page is meant to be an entire page dedicated to a list of anything you’d like it to be. Have a bucket list? Make it a collection page in your journal. Have a list of recipes you’d like to try? Make it a collection page. Collection pages are meant for all those miscellaneous lists you have floating around that you’d like to work towards or just want to have for future reference.

The creator of the bullet journal, Ryder Carroll, dubs the journal as the analog system for the digital age. It truly is a place to fully customize and organize the way you manage your life.

An important aspect of the bullet journal to remember is that you will be rewriting a lot of the same tasks, events, etc. over and over again from future log to monthly to weekly. This is intentional. The reason why is because as you continue writing this task and carrying it over, you’ll start to really evaluate whether it’s actually important to get done. If you’ve carried it over three times already, you should question why it’s not getting done or how important it actually is.

Creating a bullet journal has benefited my life’s organization immensely. I no longer have miscellaneous lists scattered all over the place. Now I have one place where everything lives that I actually use regularly. It keeps me accountable and motivated to work on my life’s tasks. I recommend everyone give it a try!