8 Out Of This World Closet Hacks To Organizing Your Wardrobe

8 Out Of This World Closet Hacks To Organizing Your Wardrobe

There seems to be two types of people in this world, those of us who get a thrill out of organizing our wardrobe and those who dread every moment of it. Unfortunately, whether you like organizing your wardrobe or not, most of us know it truly helps tremendously in everyday life. Knowing there is a place for everything and everything’s in its’ place is the best.

Whether you love organizing or not, there are a lot of systems you can put in place. They help with long term organization and escape that monthly clean up session. Don’t allow things to get out of hand. Below are some amazing closet hacks that will help you organize your wardrobe in no time!

Wall Hooks for Jewelry Storage

Using empty spaces on the wall is a great way to utilize small spaces. This allows for everything to be visually pleasing and easily identifiable as opposed to throwing everything in a pile on your dresser. When organizing your wardrobe and jewelry, consider adding wall hooks to sort and organize all your pretty jewelry in a fun and creative way.

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Storage Bins for Accessories

Use labeled storage bins for all your seasonal items including mittens, scarves, bathing suits, hats, etc. and put them at the top of your closet in a neat manner. That way when the time comes, you know exactly what bin to pull down to find your favorite mittens from last year!

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Ice Cube Earring Organizer

Organize all your jewelry that you don’t want to hang on wall hooks in ice cube trays including your long earrings, rings, and studs. By putting them in trays, you can easily identify what you’re looking for and also avoid knocking items off the wall or getting them tangled.

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Towel Rods for High Heel Racks

If you’re a woman with lots of high heels, this hack is a must! Simply hang a few rows of towel rods and place all your favorite heels one by one on display for the dreamy shoe closet you’ve always wanted. A great place to put these rows is on the back of a closet door. You can also use an unused wall in the closet. Make the most of all your space when organizing your wardrobe!

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Magazine Holders to Organize Clothes


Magazine holders aren’t just useful for organizing your magazines anymore. They also are a great way to sort and organize your clothes. Try sorting your favorite jeans from darkest to lightest and folding them into magazine holders for ultimate organization.

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Fold Clothes Vertically


I’ve been using this hack for years and trust me when I saw it has been a total lifesaver. Not only are you saving a ton of space in your drawers by folding your clothes vertically, but you’re also avoiding a huge mess every time you have to pick out an outfit. This method allows you to see everything in your drawer at one time. If you stack your clothes on top of each other, you will mess up your piles every time you go in the drawer to search for something.

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DIY Curtain Rod Belt Hanger

Another genius curtain rod hack includes this one where you use shower rings to hang all of your belts or scarves off the curtain rod. Use up some of that empty wall space and save that drawer space for other items in your wardrobe.

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Shower Curtain Ring Hanger for Tank Top Storage

If you don’t have a lot of wall space to use, you can use this same type of method, but instead of using a curtain rod, simply just use a hanger in your closet. You can replicate this many times for many different items including tank tops, scarves, belts, etc.

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Next time you decide to tackle your closet, try out some of these methods so that you can avoid having to reorganize these items in the future. Creating a system and sticking to it, especially when it comes to organization, can truly save you a ton of time and stress in the future. Happy organizing!