8 Extraordinary Steps To Think Less and Act More

8 Extraordinary Steps To Think Less and Act More

When you want to change something in your life, it is too easy to get caught in a habit of just thinking about the change and never actually moving forward with your idea. By constantly thinking over this potential change, you are giving yourself an opportunity to come up with excuses on why not to start. In order to stop this cycle you need to think less and act more.

Many of us procrastinate sometimes, including myself. I have allowed myself one too many times to think about everything and do absolutely nothing. And I can tell you it feels awful. To have all these goals, hopes and dreams and nothing to show for it is not only heart wrenching, but leads to feeling disappointed in yourself. It is hard to tell if it is fear or just pure laziness sometimes, but regardless it is nobody’s fault but our own.

Here are a few things that I have found help me become motivated and actually get started. Realizing and doing the following will help you quit thinking so much and actually get started.

1. You’re never going to get anywhere just thinking.

The moment you realize that thinking is absolutely getting you nowhere, the sooner you’ll start. You can think about something for a few more days, but those days can easily turn into years before you actually start doing anything. At that point, you have wasted valuable time and could be so much further along if only you would have just started.

2. Just pick something already.

Indecisiveness is deadly. Pondering between this and that and making pro/con lists seems innocent enough, but this back and forth notion can leave you stuck. I’ve gone back and forth on far too many ideas, and if I had just stuck with one and went for it, I’d be better off for it. Just pick something and commit to it. Don’t allow indecisiveness to keep you from doing anything. You can always circle back later and try the other idea.

3. Create a schedule and timeline.

Starting something new is scary. In order to keep yourself accountable, it is essential that you create a schedule and timeline. It can be as simple as getting one thing done a day in order to move forward with your goal. If you aren’t keeping track of your goals and creating a schedule in order to complete them, you are going to be aimless, lost, and end up giving up. Give yourself a timeline to stay on track and a schedule complete with daily tasks and monthly goals to keep your progress moving forward.

4. Stop planning, organizing, researching, reading, and start DOING.

Too many of us get caught up in the research stage. We want to plan and organize our thoughts and do hours and hours of research, but when all is said and done, we still haven’t started anything. While planning and researching are important, give yourself a strict time limit and start date. That way, when you’re convinced you’re still not ready and need more time to prep and read, you will be committed to start regardless.

5. Give yourself enough time to really work on something before giving up.

When we start anything, discouragement and lack of results can make it hard to continue on. You owe it to yourself to keep going. You owe it to yourself to continue striving and working on your project with all you have. Be realistic and do not give up on yourself too soon. Often times when you feel like quitting most, you’re closer than ever to reaching your goal.

6. The past is the past and it shouldn’t dictate your future.

Maybe you have an awful streak of laziness (I certainly get caught up in those lazy days). You cannot let your past laziness dictate who you are permanently. Just because you were that person, does not mean that you cannot be someone new. You choose everyday who you can be. Choose to change and be a productive person who takes action and allows their dreams to come true.

7. Stop waiting for perfection.

Do not wait for the perfect time to start, because there is no such thing as the perfect time. Every moment is the perfect time. Do not hold on to your creation or even worse not create it at all, waiting on perfect timing. It will never happen. Create it and release it into the universe.

8. Realize that everyday that passes by is another day you could have been starting something that could ultimately change your life.

Truly understand that being inactive is keeping you complacent. Your life is staying the same. The only way to truly change your reality is to do something. And I don’t mean watch more TV or buy more useless items. Really do something life changing. Create something that enriches your life and the life of those around you.

What are you waiting for? Start doing!