5 Things You May Be Experiencing If You Recently Graduated From College

5 Things You May Be Experiencing If You Recently Graduated From College

Graduating from college can be really exciting, but also a bit nerve-wracking. If you recently graduated, it is most likely the first time in your live you aren’t investing all of your free time in finishing homework or studying for an exam.

Now you have to focus on making money, paying bills, and making a name for yourself. It is scary because with all of that comes a bunch of rejection, stress, and uncertainty and many of us feel like we can’t catch a break. This really does wonders on our self-esteem and self-worth, but deep down we are aware that as long as we keep focused, our situations will change and we will be living the life we always dreamed of.

Regardless of whether you loved or hated your college years, many of us end up in the same unfortunate situation with this common set of issues that could drive a person mad.

Finding a Job

Finding a job is very time consuming and will essentially be your full time job until you score an actual full time job. I hear far too often that there aren’t any jobs out there, as an excuse to why someone has just taken a minimum wage job. There are jobs out there, you just need to get your priorities straight and search hard for them.

Unfortunately, way too many people are too comfortable with their lax schedules at their part-time jobs. They do not want to put in the hours of work that it takes to get that job they really want or start that business they daydream about. Be different and strive for what you desire! After all, you’ll be spending a majority of your days at this place. Therefore, it’s so important you like where you’re working and what you’re doing everyday.

Lack of Experience

If you didn’t do any internships or part time jobs in your field while you were in school, then you will most likely be labeled as having no experience. Someone who sees that you had an internship might assume you didn’t do too much relevant work. The plus is that at least you’ve been in that type of environment before and have a basic understanding as to what to expect.

This is huge. Find some way to start getting some experience on your resume. Even if you have already graduated, you can still apply for internships. My advice if you didn’t do any while in school, get one and get one fast! This could be your way to getting a new job.

Paying Off Student Loans

Six months will go by fast, really fast. If you don’t have a job lined up and graduation is around the corner, you need to start saving every cent you make at your part time job for the next six months so you can manage to pay your minimum payments each month.

Start calculating the amounts and set yourself up so they don’t hit you like a ton of bricks in six months. Make a plan and manage a budget.

Settling for Anything

A lot of recent graduates are warned at one time or another how hard finding a job is. You’ve heard all the stories about how so-and-so’s friend’s nephew had to work at Target for three years after graduating because he couldn’t find work. And he majored in finance!

Constant negativity regarding a huge life decision you are about to make is very unsettling. It sets us up to accept failure and just take whatever job comes our way first, because at least we have something. This leads us to take no risks on our future and just settle. Settling is the worst thing we can do. Take the risk of waiting for a position that you’re excited to jump into.


Depression: a ridiculously common rut you may face if you recently graduated. Nothing will seem like it’s going your way. You will start questioning your life, your future, and your decisions. Regret may peak through a bit and you’ll feel like you’ve done everything wrong. Realize that so many other people are experiencing this same feeling. I personally changed my major a trillion times and even on graduation day, wasn’t sure this was actually what I wanted to be doing.

You can always do something different.

You’re capable of changing your future.

YOU are in charge of your fate.