10 Smart Ways to Improve Your Night Routine Tonight

10 Smart Ways to Improve Your Night Routine Tonight

Similar to morning routines, night routines help you focus on self-improvement and the goals you have for your life. In particular, your night routine allows you to focus on your mental health and unwind from your busy day. Benefits such as improved sleep and a more focused tomorrow are among the many reasons you should create a night routine for your everyday life. Try incorporating a few of the habits below into yours this year!

Pick Your Clothes Out The Night Before

Deciding simple things the night before, like what you’ll wear the next day, can enormously help your tomorrow. We only have so much energy in a day before decision-making fatigue kicks in. So why waste that precious energy on simple things we can decide the night before? Eliminate this task by doing it the night before.

Write Out Your 3 MITs for the Next Day

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Having a plan of attack for your day before you even wake up eliminates the need to waste any of that energy we just discussed. While winding down your day, take five minutes to go over your weekly priorities and determine what your three most important tasks are to accomplish the next day.

Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones

Living in the present moment and spending quality time with your loved ones is unfortunately something we often times don’t have or make the time for in our busy, fast-paced everyday lives. The time we have in this lifetime may be the most important thing that we do have, and is easily the thing most of us take for granted the most. There isn’t always a tomorrow, so it is so important to make the time to spend with those we love.

De-stress and Decompress

Before going to sleep each night, it is important to get into the mood to go to sleep. The way to achieve this is to find something that helps you de-stress and decompress. Whether that is listening to calming music, or taking a relaxing bath, make sure you take some time to unwind from your busy day.

Put All Screens Away

After a long day at work, it is very tempting to just sit on the couch and mindlessly scroll through your phone, idly watch television, or search the Internet on your computer. Fight this urge. At least an hour before you go to bed put away all your screens. Put your computer away, turn off the TV, and put your phone on airplane mode. Putting your phone on a charger across the room not only eliminates the temptation to use it, but will also help you get out of bed in the morning to turn off the alarm. Use this time to focus on yourself and the present moment, and not get caught up in other people’s lives.

Skincare Ritual

Following a skincare ritual and sticking to it daily is very important for your skin. Most of us strive towards beautiful skin, which is a lifelong process of caring for your skin daily. As they say, prevention is easier than fixing the problem later. When your skin looks good, you feel good so start taking care of your skin today!


Similarly to many of these nightly rituals, journaling can help those who have a hard time falling asleep, especially if you’re focusing on the positive aspects of what happened in your day. It can also help gain clarity on your goals and what you’re working toward. Focusing on recapping your day will truly help you reflect on your day and the ways you choose to spend your time. Journaling can also be very therapeutic by providing an outlet to express your emotions, which will certainly help with healing and living in the present.

Read Before Bed

As we know, reading benefits our growth as humans. It increases intelligence and boosts brainpower. Did you know it could also alleviate mental health concerns including anxiety and depression, and even fight off Alzheimer’s too? Reading before bed can also help you sleep better and can reduce your stress.


Stretching before bed can help you unwind and decompress. It helps you relax and can even help you fall asleep faster. For even further relaxation, light a candle and stretch in dimmed lighting. This will surely help you adjust to the night lighting and help get you to sleep in a peaceful state, unlike staring at a phone moments before going to sleep.


Mindfulness meditation before bed can help you get a better night of sleep. It can improve your overall sleep as well as help fight sleep disorders such as insomnia. Also as many of you know, meditating can lead you to feeling a bit tired, so it will help you unwind and get to sleep quicker. Meditation helps with peace of mind and overall physical health so even if you don’t have sleeping problems, the benefits you’ll gain from incorporating meditation into your night routine are endless.

Creating a night routine helps signal your body that it’s time to wind down and go to bed. It helps you get to sleep quicker, have better sleep, and wake up easier. Take it one step at a time and slowly start adding these positive nightly routine habits to your night schedule.