10 Of The Best Things To Sell To Make Extra Money Right Now

10 Of The Best Things To Sell To Make Extra Money Right Now

In today’s world it is really easy to sell your old things to make extra money rather quickly. You can post something right now that could be seen by someone within twenty minutes and picked up and purchased before the day is over.

If you’re in need of some quick cash, go through the closets in your house, your garage, even your attic and make a pile of all the things you no longer use. If you’re struggling to find things to sell, use the list of very popular items below to give you some ideas of things you can sell both online or in person right away.


The one thing most of us have too much of is clothing. I’d say most of us barely touch half of our wardrobes, which leads to wasted space and money. Go through your closet and get rid of everything you haven’t touched in the last six months.

Once you have your pile ready to go, post these items online. Poshmark, ThredUp, and EBay are all great places to sell clothes online. You can also go to your nearest Plato’s closet too or have a garage sale.


If you’re in need of cash immediately, furniture is a great thing to sell for a decent amount of money. Chairs, couches, dining room sets, and bedroom sets are definitely great items to sell, especially if you’re moving. Use sites like OfferUp and Craigslist to sell furniture locally. 

Musical Instruments

If you have a lot of musical instruments that you no longer play or use, post them! Many people played an instrument growing up or while in school and have had it in the attic ever since. If you don’t plan on picking up the instrument again, sell it to someone eager to use it!

Cars and Car Parts

If you happen to have an old car or old car parts in the garage that are going unused and just sitting there, post them online. Even if the car isn’t running, someone else might buy it and use it for parts or may be a mechanic and can fix it to use or turn around and sell.

Even if you think an item is garbage or junk, doesn’t mean someone else will think that. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

Kids’ Stuff

Kids are growing out of clothes and toys everyday so instead of just tossing the old, try posting it online or hosting a garage sale to get rid of all your kids’ stuff that they’ve grown out of. A clever thing moms do is get together and trade or buy items off each other as they have more kids and their kids grow out of different stages.

Handmade Goods

Many people have creative, artistic hobbies including painting, woodworking, making candles and soaps, etc. If you happen to be one of these people, try selling your work of art for some spare cash!

Popular sites to sell artistic items include Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, EBay, and many more. Who knows, this may just turn into a real side hustle for you and potentially a full time gig if it really takes off!


Old smart phones, IPods, IPads, laptops, gaming systems, etc. are all easy sellable items for quick cash. Jump on any popular online selling platform and see a sale come in quickly!


Whether you have a stack of college textbooks, or a massive collection of the classics from high school, books are an easy way to make a few extra bucks when you need it. Go through your collection and get rid of the books you’ve already read or won’t read and sell it to someone who will truly enjoy it!

Underpriced Goodwill Items

This takes some time, research, and skill, but if you’re really in need of some quick cash, you can search online selling platforms or even your local thrift shop or Goodwill and look for underpriced items.

The idea is that you invest in this item by picking it up for the listed price, having already identified that you can turn around and post it and successfully have someone purchase it for a higher price. Again, this takes some research and skill to do, so unless you know a lot about a particular item and know it’s underpriced and that you can confidently make money on it, maybe skip this one or try it later when you’re willing to lose the cash you’re putting into it.


Cleaning out the garage can lead to a large pile of unused tools that you could certainly sell online or at a garage sale for spare cash.

There are a ton of hobbies that involve tons of different tools including woodworking, working on cars, jewelry making, leather or metal work, etc. If you have random tools you’re not using, sell it to someone who can use it to create a masterpiece of their own!

Next time you’re in need of some quick money, go through your things and select some of these items to sell fast!