10 Of The All-Time Best Car Camping Hacks

10 Of The All-Time Best Car Camping Hacks

Car camping is such a fun way to explore the outdoors, particularly when it’s a bit too cold outside for tent camping. It’s also great for those that are camping for long periods of time and need a simple way to camp when they may not be near a campsite.

While sleeping in your car may sound a bit uncomfortable for some, there are tons of different ways to make car camping a lot more enjoyable. Below are some of the all-time best car camping hacks that you should try on your next trip!

Hang Battery / Solar Powered String Lights

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Hanging string lights is a great idea to light up your cozy car sleeping evenings. These dim lights are certainly preferred over shining a bright flashlight or lantern in your car.

Pack Camping Bin

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Having a camping bin is an absolute must. This should be something you always bring along so that you never forget all your camp essentials.

Hang Privacy Curtains

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Privacy curtains are great for a few different reasons. Not only are you giving yourself some privacy from people walking by and looking in your car, but you’re also keeping the sunlight out in the morning so you can sleep in a bit longer. Here is a great DIY tutorial from Instructables.

Build Sleeping Platform

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Build a sleeping platform to put an air mattress on for ultimate comfort while car camping. You can then also use the extra space underneath for storage bins as shown in the picture.

Inflatable Pool Raft To Sleep On

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If you don’t have room for a sleeping platform, consider using an inflatable pool raft in the backseat to sleep on. This functions as a mattress and will still provide a lot more comfort than just sleeping directly on the seat.

DIY Spice Storage

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Bringing food along camping can be tricky, especially when you’re limited on space. Try using tic-tac containers to store your spices instead of skipping your spices all together on your trip. They’re small and easy to store.

Camp Kitchen Pantry

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The perfect place to store your spices is within your camp kitchen pantry. Create a designated location for all your food for organization and to keep the bugs out.

Plastic Container Drawers For Storage

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Using plastic containers can be a lifesaver because it allows for plenty of storage. It will ensure that everything has a place to go. If you’re traveling with a family, this method is highly advised.

Shower Caps For Dirty Shoes

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This hack is a must for any type of travel, especially camping. If you’re camping you most likely did some sort of outdoor activity prior to camping, which means you probably have dirty shoes or hiking boots. Instead of dirtying up the car, put your shoes inside of a shower cap until you need to wear them again.

Mesh Bungee Net For Extra Storage

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The roof of the car (inside or out) is often times not utilized at all. When car camping, space is hard to come by so using a mesh bungee net or a roof rack is a great way to optimize your space.

Next time you go car camping, try out some of these car camping hacks and methods for a more enjoyable experience!