10 Life-Saving Hacks That Will Get Your Family Though Any Road Trip

10 Life-Saving Hacks That Will Get Your Family Though Any Road Trip

Going on a road trip this upcoming spring break could be a great getaway for the entire family. Some parents might be a bit hesitant, particularly those with little ones because it can be hard to entertain them for hours on end while driving to your destination. And adding the family dog into the mix can certainly add to the difficulty and stress.

Rest assured though that with a little planning and preparation you can certainly have a successful, fun family road trip for everyone involved. Below are a few incredibly useful road trip hacks that will keep your little ones occupied, the messes to a minimum, and keep the dog cozy and happy throughout your entire trip!

Grab-n-go Survival Travel Bags

Mini travel bags are an absolute must when it comes to family road trips. Not only will they help keep things organized, but they will also come in handy when the kids get antsy. Preparing different bags including activities for each kid, travel games for the whole family, snacks bags, and even a bag with outdoor necessities for when you stop to explore a bit will be a life saver in the moment.

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Suction Cup Shower Organizers for Kids’ Toys and Crafts

The little ones in your life will need many activities to keep occupied so to continue to keep organization throughout the trip, try out this clever idea by sticking suction cup shower organizers to the windows for all their crafts and toys. This will be a fun way for the kids to have their own space and showcase all their favorite things during the trip!

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Drawing Pad Organizer for Kids

Another very clever DIY crafts ideas includes the one above, which entails taking an empty DVD case and putting paper and colored pencils inside of it, creating an easy, little art workstation for each kid. Once they’re done coloring for the day, they can simply just close the case and tuck it away.

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Dog Seat Covers

If you happen to have a vehicle with multiple rows of seating in the back, one of these dog seat covers could be very useful to not only keep the shedding contained, but also so that the dog has its’ own area during the trip. Another solution if you have an open trunk is putting up a gate or cage in the back so they can again have enough of their own space to relax.

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Doggie Organizer for Car

Not only will your furry friend want his own space to relax, but he certainly will need to keep occupied too! Prepare a doggie organizer so that all of your pup’s stuff is in an easily accessible area. You’ll want to stop somewhat frequently so they can get out and walk around and use the bathroom, but during their downtime, make sure there are plenty of toys to play with, rawhides to chew on, and treats to snack on!

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Ziplock iPad Holder

Instead of trying to get the kids to take turns using the iPad, download some of their favorite movies or shows prior to your trip and create this DIY Ziplock iPad holder. This will allow everyone in the backseat to enjoy the movie together!

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DIY Kid’s Cup

Prevent spills in the backseat by creating this DIY kid’s cup in a pinch. All you need is a standard glass or cup, some Glad Press’n Seal wrap, and a straw. This will definitely prevent spills, but can also be a fun, quick activity to do with the kids during a lunch break on your trip!

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Mesh Vehicle Pet Barrier

If your pet is in the backseat without a barrier holding them back there, they will without a doubt try to crawl up into the front seat. Prevent this by purchasing a mesh vehicle pet barrier so they have no way of jumping up front. While it may be tempting, having a barrier ultimately protects you and your pet from getting hurt in an accident.

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Empty Coffee Creamer Bottle Snack Containers

Another way to contain spills and messes is to take empty coffee creamer bottles and put all your kids’ favorite snacks in these containers. As they are easily sealable, the kids can grab snacks without creating a huge mess in the backseat.

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Emergency First Aid Kit Shoe Box

An absolute must for any road trip is an emergency first aid kit. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you have a first aid kit with all the necessities at your disposal in the car. Some essentials include wet wipes, Band-Aids, and medicine for nausea or headaches.

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When planning your next family outing, consider adding some of these great family road trip hacks for an easier, fun trip that will make everyone happy along the way!