10 Killer Strategies To Beat Procrastination and Be Productive

10 Killer Strategies To Beat Procrastination and Be Productive

Staying productive each and every day is an issue many of us face. We have a million different things distracting us all day long, particularly that little device that you’re probably reading this blog post on. In this information filled world we live in today, it can become hard to turn off the distractions and focus on your tasks at hand. Here are ten productivity hacks that many successful entrepreneurs incorporate in their daily life to assure they beat procrastination and stay on task.

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that uses a timer to break down work into intervals. Essentially before you start a task, you turn the timer on, traditionally set for 25 minutes. You then work on your task at hand for the full 25 minutes without moving to any other task. Once the 25 minutes is complete, you take a 5-minute break. Then set the next 25 minutes. This not only helps you stay focused on the task, but it also helps you manage how many Pomodoros it takes to complete a particular task or project.

Turn Off Alerts And Notifications

If your phone is going off every two minutes and you have notifications popping up on the top of your screen frequently, it will be very difficult to get anything done. Therefore, you need to remove these constant distractions.

Also, if you answer immediately every time someone reaches out to you, you are essentially telling him or her that they can bother you anytime they want because they know you will respond. Turn off the alerts and notifications, and put your phone on airplane mode when you’re working.

Focus on One Task At a Time

Have you ever noticed that when you’re trying to work on multiple things at once, they either don’t get done or take way longer to accomplish than they should? Stop trying to get everything done at once, and rather focus on one task at a time. You’ll not only get more things done, but you’ll get them done much quicker than you would if you’re trying to do a balancing act with your list of to dos. Focus in on one thing at a time.

Create a Bullet Journal For All Your Lists

Starting bullet journaling has been monumental for my success in starting and following through with projects. Instead of having a million sticky notes all over the place, I simply jot all my ideas, thoughts, to dos, plans, and events in my bullet journal in an organized fashion. Then I don’t have to think about where a particular list ended up. I reference it daily and when I wake up in the morning, I know exactly what I need to get done. I have the whole day documented in my journal.

Take Breaks And Stretch

Breaks are underrated. People like being busy and feeling stressed and rushed, but really it’s not good for any of us. We need to take breaks in our day. We especially do if we’re sitting all day long. Although it seems counter-intuitive, it’s essential in order to beat procrastination. Get up, stretch, meditate, drink some water, take a quick walk, have a snack, then get back to work. Make sure you’re taking frequent breaks throughout the day. It’s good for your mind and body, and you’ll find that your energy levels are heightened or at least sustained throughout your day.

If It Can Be Done In Less Than 2 Minutes, Do It Now

This rule is so important to beat procrastination. Don’t add your 2-minute tasks to your to do list, just do them! Why take the time to jot it on a list among a bunch of other simple tasks, when you could just do them right now in the moment and not have to worry about them later. Don’t put off what can be done now, especially if it’s only going to take you less than five minutes. Get it done now!

Drink More Tea and Less Coffee

There are a lot of coffee addicts in the world and I’m not proposing that they give up coffee, I’m simply suggesting to switch out a few of those cups for tea. In a world full of stressed, anxiety-ridden, people who lack energy and have short attention spans, drinking less coffee could solve quite a few problems.

Personally, I find myself lacking energy when I drink coffee and feeling especially shaky and panicky. If you can relate, put down the cup of joe and switch it out for tea. Spearmint, green tea, oolong, and chamomile are great teas to start out with.

Work On MITs First Thing In The Morning

MITs are your Most Important Tasks and they should be the first things you focus on in the morning. Once you’ve perhaps meditated, stretched, worked out a bit, had something to eat, and you jump into your work, make sure these are the tasks you focus on first. This is crucial in order to beat procrastination.

The night before, you should jot down what your Most Important Tasks are for the next morning. That way you have to put no thought into it the next morning and you can jump in as soon as you wake up.

Save Meetings And Email For The Afternoon

For those of you who have more clarity in the morning, this one is for you! Get your more difficult mental work done first. This includes writing and creating in the morning and leaving all your meetings and email for the afternoon. Don’t let the first thing you do everyday be get on your laptop and answer a ton of emails. You will not only struggle with staying focused on your daily tasks, but those tasks may change all together given the context of the emails.

Get your important tasks done early, and then tackle your email inbox. Scheduling meetings in the morning can really derail your day too. Again, they more times than not add to your task list and really drain your energy. Get something productive done every single day before you open the email and meeting fluid gates.

Stay Positive

This is a pretty obvious, but important productivity hack. If you’re negative about everything you’re working on, your motivation and passion will undoubtedly dwindle quickly. Stay positive and have pride in the work you do every single day. Not only will this help with your creativity, but it will also help your overall happiness.

Stay productive, beat procrastination, and actually stick to your 2018 goals and resolutions this year. To do so, you need to have a game plan. Incorporating these productivity hacks will certainly help you stay on task and make your dreams a reality.