10 Best Ways to Focus On One Thing At A Time and Achieve More

10 Best Ways to Focus On One Thing At A Time and Achieve More

Throughout life, we sit around thinking about what our life could be like. Our dream career, vacation, house… it really doesn’t matter what it is, because thinking about it really is just temporarily making us feel better when we aren’t happy with our current situation. And we tend to think about everything, where it’s hard to focus on one thing.

While daydreaming is important, the problem is, so many of us focus on the idea of the life we want instead of focusing on the reality of it. We come up with so many different solutions on how we can get away from the 9 to 5 grind, travel the world, or move out of our old apartment, but then never actually go through with any of it.

Why is that?

Why do we complain to everyone and anyone who will listen and then do absolutely nothing about it? Are we just complaining to complain? If we have no intention on changing anything, why complain?

Really though, why don’t we just do something about it if we are that miserable? To be honest, we are afraid of change. We are afraid of failure. And we love starting things and never finishing. This is why we need to focus in and dedicate our time to one thing.

Today it is far too convenient to get easily distracted and use that as an excuse for basically everything. My favorite TV show was on last night, I worked late, I had to make dinner… whatever the excuse, it’s stopping you from getting the things you really want in life.

Here are ten ways to focus on one thing at a time and have a true screw it, let’s do it attitude:

Start Small

Don’t start with your biggest, most time-consuming step. Start with something simple that gets the ball rolling. Then move onto something a little more in-depth. Avoid overwhelm or you’ll do nothing.

Turn Off All Distractions

Whether on your phone or laptop, turn off all the distractions. Emails, text messages, social media alerts, phone calls – turn them all off! An easy way to help with this is by putting your phone on airplane mode and closing out of your browsers.

Find Your Ideal Working Environment

Some people like to work in a quiet space like a library or at home. Others like some background noise and prefer to be outside by people or in a coffee shop. Identify the working environment that best suits you.


By meditating daily, you’re helping your mind immensely overtime. Each day you mediate, you are essentially training yourself to clear your mind. The distractions and overthinking slowly but surely drift away and you find far more focus and clarity.

Brain Dump Prior To Working

Get all your thoughts out before you start working, then decide to focus on one thing for the next hour. Taking the time to do this prior to starting your work really helps eliminate distractions while you’re working.

Be Prepared For Random Thoughts

However, you are human so have paper next to you in case you start thinking of other things that need to get done. When these thoughts pop up, simply write them down and then move back to what you were working on.

Eliminate Multitasking Mindset

Get rid of your multitasking mindset, it’s holding you back from getting anything done. Remember that while you may think you’re getting more done, you’re most likely just confusing yourself and taking far longer to get each task done than if you just focused on one from the get go.

Set a Timer

Set a specific amount of time where you will fully focus on the task at hand. Use the Pomodoro Technique and set a timer to 25 minutes. Work on your project for 25 minutes, take a five-minute break and then set another 25 minutes. This not only helps keep you on track, but you also get a sense for how long it takes you to finish your project.

Check In Between Working Sections

Once you take your break, set time to check in. Whether this is with yourself and your progress for the day or your team, take the time to check in.

One Thing At a Time Leads To Long Term Success

It is so important to remember that while it may seem overwhelming at the time, working on one task at a time allows you to achieve things quicker and more efficiently overtime.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by your massive to do list and trying to tackle it all at once, remember that focusing on one thing at a time truly is the way to go. Continue to remind yourself that by focusing on one task at a time, you’ll be one step closer to successfully meeting your goals.